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Hi! I'm Amethyst Wyldfyre!

I awakened to the re-membrance of my psychic lineage in 2002 and began the long process of learning to be open, aware and fearless in using these gifts. When I was a child my mother often would say that she was very psychic and that my great grand mother read the tea leaves to her when she was young.

I believe we are all born with intutitive and psychic abilities, however we are conditioned to deny these gifts and to conform to the collective belief that the only way to God is through an intermediary. When our gifts aren't recognized they can lie dormant for years and begin to atrophy like unused muscles. Part of the work of awakening to our multi-dimensional senses is recognizing how and when Spirit speaks to us and bringing our awareness to our gifts, practicing and honing them like a personal trainer would do with the body.

I am grateful that you have come to this site to explore the world of Spirit with me and to receive messages that I pray will not only serve you but will serve the highest good of all.